Basil Chaas

Basil Chaas

Buttermilk, or chaas or chhachh in Hindi, is a very common drink in most Indian households, mainly during summers due to its digestive properties and helps to keep the body cool. This refreshing yogurt drink is a perfect blend of yogurt and spices like cumin powder, hing, ginger, green chilies, and salt to enhance its taste and healing properties that turns out to be an ideal summer cooler, that can be consumed every day, either by itself or after a meal to aid digestion and treat stomach ailments. 

Buttermilk can be enjoyed plain just with roasted cumin powder and salt. Adding spices and fresh herbs makes the most refreshing, tasty summer drink, called masala chaas/buttermilk. Traditional Chaas is made with herbs like mint and coriander leaves. I wanted to give this traditional chaas a twist by adding in the most commonly used herb, which you would have not thought of its addition with buttermilk, apart from pestos and pastas. Yes! Basil and buttermilk would make an awesome combination. A soothing flavor of basil in buttermilk is definitely a drink to relish.

Basil Chaas |

Basil is a flavorful, leafy green herb that is most widely known and grown herbs in the world. It’s a member of the mint family, and many different varieties exist. Sweet basil is the most common, others include Lemon basil, Cinnamon basil, Lettuce basil, and Thai basil. This Chaas recipe is made using sweet basil.

Sweet basil is a light green color with a rounded cup-shaped leaf, very popular in pestos, salads, and marinades, as it has a milder taste and aroma compared to the Tulsi leaves. This aromatic herb is not only popular in food seasonings but also used in herbal teas and supplements which may provide a range of health benefits. Basil is easy to grow, grows well outdoors in the summer. Homegrown Fresh basil leaves are always handy to use in your cooking. 

Basil Chaas |
Beat the summer heat with this refreshing basil-yogurt drink. 

Did I miss to tell you about one more special addition to this Chaas? Its addition of black salt. Black Salt or Kala Namak is a popular cooling spice from India and is used as a laxative and digestive aid. Black salt is often added to drinks or salads or chats recipes. Just a pinch of black salt under the tongue is believed to be very helpful in treating nausea. It has a slightly sour flavor, so the addition of black salt to any drink would make it so refreshingly good. The drink would get an add-on health benefit with black salt. 

The addition of basil leaves to buttermilk, not only adds a unique flavor to buttermilk also with loads of added on health benefits. You will definitely love this basil flavored buttermilk, do give a try!!

Basil Chaas |

Recipe Card for Basil Chaas :

Basil Chaas | ಮಸಾಲ ಮಜ್ಜಿಗೆ | Indian Summer Drink Recipe | Spiced Buttermilk with Basil

Chaas, an Indian traditional Buttermilk drink with a perfect blend of yogurt and spices turns out to be an ideal summer cooler. This refreshing yogurt drink would be the best home remedies to reduce body heat and aid digestion. Here is a unique way of making chaas using basil leaves, to make it even more flavorful and healthier.

Ready to slurp the goodness!?!
Prep Time5 minutes
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Indian
Keyword: Basil, Buttermilk
Servings: 2
Author: KaviRuchi


  • Hand Blender


  • 1 cup Curd/Yogurt/Dahi chilled
  • 1 Cup Water chilled
  • ½ Green Chili
  • ½ Garlic (clove)-optional
  • ½ inch Ginger/Adrak
  • ½ tsp Salt Black Salt/Kala Namak
  • ¼ tsp Hing/Asafoetida
  • ¼ tsp roasted Cumin/Jeera Powder
  • 6-8 Basil Leaves


  • In a blender jar, add in basil leaves(rinsed), cumin powder, hing, salt, ginger, garlic, green chili along with little curd, blend until smooth. 
    Basil Chaas |
  • Next, add the remaining curd and chilled water, blend again until smooth and frothy.
  • Serve immediately or chill in the refrigerator to serve later. Enjoy Chaas after a meal to aid digestion. 
  • A perfect summer Cooler!! BEAT the HEAT !!! with Basil Chaas..
    Basil Chaas |



  • Mint leaves can be used in place of basil leaves if basil is not available.
  • You can add basil fresh, dried or frozen — though fresh basil has the best flavor.
  • While adding fresh basil, take only the leaves — not the stem.
  • If fresh basil is not available but you only have dried, use just 1/3 of the measurement, as dried is more concentrated.
  • To make it tastier, add 2 Tbsp finely chopped red onion before serving.
  • Add Black Salt for added on health benefit. If unavailable, regular salt will do.
  • Adding garlic is purely optional.
  • Add more or less of green chili as per spice level required.

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